Dear friends of the Macau Ricci Institute,

I am sorry to inform you that due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus the Forum on “Highlights of Macau’s Environmental Policies” of 4 February and the Contemplation & Leadership course of 15 February 2020 are cancelled and postponed.

MRI Forum 100

“Highlights Of Macao's Environmental Policies”



  • Tuesday, 04 February 2020


  • Don Bosco Auditorium, University of Saint  Joseph, Macao (Ilha Verde Campus)
  • 中國澳門青洲河邊馬路14-17號聖若瑟大學

Cooperation Partner:

  • University of Saint Joseph

Map and Address of the Venue:


  • 18:30 to 20:00


  • Free


  • English


  • Macao Foundation (澳門基金會)

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Vong Man Hung, Deputy Director of Environmental Protection Bureau


Pope Francis has been strongly advocating a new paradigm of economics oriented towards the common good. In the context of Macau his urgent call implies also a challenge for all of us to consider which concrete steps could be taken in order to improve Environmental Protection in Macau.

I would therefore like to warmly invite you to our upcoming Forum on Tuesday 4th February, 6.30 PM at the Ilha Verde Campus of the University of Saint Joseph which is focused on the efforts of the Macau government to forge ahead in the area of recycling, renewable energy, public transport and disposal of garbage.